Zach LaVine Vertical ability wins all the dunk competitions

Zach LaVine vertical leap ability in dunk contestZach LaVine’s Vertical leap is 46″ and no step vertical is 34 inches. Voted number 1 player 2015 Slam Dunk Contest Zach Lavine has a superior vertical ability to dunk on even from the free throw line.  Zach LaVine is 6 foot 5 inches feet tall and plays point guard. If you don’t recognize this dunker in 2015 then you must have been living under a rock because not only did LaVine win the 2015 Sprite slam dunk contest but he is famous for the free throw line windmill dunk. Many fans were disappointed that he did not perform this dunk this year and hope he will in 2016.

Zach-LaVine-vertical-training-programJust when you thought the slam dunk contest was going down the drain out comes Zach Lavine Vertical “Space Jam” Dunk which reignited the fire, dreams and hopes of all doubters in this years All-Star competition with a 50 score. He said he did not want a 49 or 48 but 50 and that’s what he got. Check out some dunks below.

Zach LaVine vertical skills


Player: Zach LaVine
Position: Shooting Guard
Required Vertical: Yes main objective is to score points for the team and bring up the ball.

See this video below and see how Zach LaVine elevates into the air above many opponents. Truly amazing vertical skills.

Does Zach LaVine Deserve to be called the best dunker in the NBA?

Yes, given that he has put in hard work and determination along with flare into dunking. Whether it’s a Slam Dunk Contest or in game dunks, LaVine truly out dunks many players with his dunking style. Growing up Zach Lavine’s main idol was and still is Kobe Bryant crediting him with his confidence in his game. He truly goes at it full harded in the gym putting in 100%. LaVine especially hates it when he misses jump shots and really gets mad at himself which makes him work harder. Zach compares himself to Russell Westbrook as he feels he has his driving ability and altheticism on the field. Also Zach likes to think he has Stephen Curry ball handing to shoot off the dribble. The things Zach LaVine would love to improve on is learning the point guard position in and out, getting more consistent with jump shots, becoming a better defender and more mature player.

zach lavine vertical jump

Zach LaVine Vertical Leap ability

zach lavine space jam dunk

Zach LaVine Verical dunking at slam dunk contest 2015


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