Russell Westbrook Vertical elevates above many point guards.

Russell Westbrook VerticalRussell Westbrook vertical leap is 36.5″ at only 6 foot 3.5 inches he is probably the best athlete at the point guard position. IN the NBA it’s become fashionable to build a franchise team around three stars. One of those stars that made Oklahoma City a potent team was and still is Russell Westbrook. When Oklahoma City beat the Laker’s Westbrook was humble and the team wanted to work harder. Russell is not crazy about talking with media too much but one thing he does know is dunks. Westbrook has never been in a dunk contest which is truly shocking. Westbrook name comes in all the time as he is truly an amazing player on the court. Just recently Russell scored 30 points, 17 assists, and 11 rebounds against the Raptors.

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If you don’t come ready to play Russell Westbrook will take your lunch. “Draws the foul and puts it in” is probably a famous quote to represent Westbrook aggressiveness and size on the field which can be intimidating. His vertical ability shows off on his jump shots. In the February 27, 2015 game against the Blazers, Damnian Lillard, same height player as Westbrook tried to make a drive against Westbrook and got blocked by Westbrook’s jumping ability. That specific game Westbrook finished with 40 points, 13 rebounds and 11 assists. He can shed just about any defense out there and test opponent player’s ankles along the way

See this video below and see how Westbrook drives the ball through multiple opponents and dunks. Truly astounding player!

Russell Westbrook just has something in him, like he has something to prove on the court. Russell quotes he grew u with a chip on his shoulder, no one ever game him anything. What he earned in the NBA is purely from hard work and dedication. Russell never dreamed of being in the NBA, rather he focused on school and wanting to do to Stafford. After he played in High School he got half way decent playing basketball and received a scholarship to UCLA.
Shooter first, passer second many people would describe Westbrook, the point guard position defined by Westbrook is to keep everyone involved and at the same time play the aggressive. Aggressive is not the word to describe Russell Westbrook in his game plays because it’s 100 miles per hour and 100% with Russell. Just to go hard, there simply is no other way quotes Russell. If you want to increase your vertical visit for professional vertical jump training.

Russell Westbrook vertical dunk against opponent teamrussell westbrook vertical leap
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