Nate Robinson Vertical 5′ 9″ King of Dunks

Nate Robinson vertical 2015Nate Robinson vertical leap is 43 inches. Standing in at only 5 foot 9inches this guy can dunk! Truly amazing feat from this professional basketball player. Weighing in at a solid 180 pounds, Robinson has excellent core strength. This veteran player has played more than 500 games now. Winning a slam dunk contest in 2009, Nate Robinson can truly show off his explosive vertical. Nate really takes any in game opportunity to show off his crossover moves and especially his vertical ability. Just because you are a shorter player does not mean you can’t play in the NBA, it just means you have to work that much harder. Look at Nate’s physique and you can tell he works out hard to be that player. See Nate’s professional dunks below and judge for yourself.

Robinson played for many teams including the Bulls, Warriors, Celtics and currently the Nuggets. His best year for points per game was in the 2008-2009 games where he averaged 17 points per game. Having six 30 point games Nate is still humble. If you look good you play good has been Nate Robinson’s motto that keeps him going. Involving the crowd in each game is what he loves. Also back in 2006 Nate Robinson Vertical ability got him the trophy as well. “Nate the Great” is how he got the nickname from his Dad.

Listen to this inspirational interview with Nate Robinson about his success.

See this video below of actual in game Nate Robinson dunks including an alley-oop dunk!

Being a short player does not mean you can’t shoot either. Shooting against much taller opponents of which many are two feet taller requires a pretty high vertical. Blocking Yao Ming and LeBron James takes some vertical feat and Nate’s the guy with not only the strength but true character of a top notch player.  Nate Robinson vertical soared him to 45 point career high in a 2008 game versus Portland. In any game he plays, Robinson truly takes his words from the coaches literally. Score 35 today and he tries his best to reach that. Nate truly loves the crowd in each game and loves to get them involved.  Thanks for reading the Nate Robinson vertical article with us and remember to never give up, work hard and stay determined!

Why did Nate Robinson choose basketball and not football? Listen to interview below.

Nate Robinson vertical leap in slam dunk contest

Nate Robinson Cryptonite Dunk over Superman Dwight Howard

Nate Robinson Dunk over Shaq

Nate Robinson dunk over Shaquille O’ Neal


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