Gerald Green Vertical

Gerald Green Vertical leap above rim
Gerald green vertical leap is about 39 inches according to some pre-draft documents but this is not his maximum vertical ability.  Now the video below and photos I believe to indicate a much higher vertical height. We know the basketball rim to be ten feet and in this video Gerald Green is clearly looking into the goal from above the rim about 6 inches. When it comes time to play on the court Green says his team mates give him the confidence in pushing his team forward. Great success comes from great support. Gerald Green even remembers his very first dunk in 10th grade trying out for the basketball team. In 9th grade he could not dunk at all. Everyone in high school called Green “Too Tall for Nothing”. The first NBA dunk for Green was a fast break against the Blazers and got him even more motivated.

Gerald green vertical jump training 2015

Looking at the photo the nose is easily above the rim also. So if we know his height to be 6 feet 8 inches tall or 80inches and the goal is 10feet or 120 inches we can get his vertical from that video which is 45″.

See Gerald Green’s high vertical leap in action.

In one of his last games Green scored a career high of 41 points against the Oklahoma City Thunder. In this particular game he truly elevated above the opponents and knocked down eight three pointers from all around. Green was given a chance and he responded. Give Green 30minutes of floor time and he can do some damage in any game. Having played for 7 NBA teams Green is excited to be with the Suns now and settled down.

Did you know Gerald Green has only half his ring finger on his right hand? Listen to the interview as to how it happened.

Advice from Gerald Green is to “Follow Your Dreams” and “Don’t let anyone tell you what you can’t do”. Finally once you decide on what you want to do, go for it and never look back.

Gerald Green Vertical slam dunk one handed high above the rim

Gerald Green Vertical slam dunk one handed high above the rim

Gerald Green looking over the rim while dunking

Gerald Green looking over the rim while dunking


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